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'By the Book'

A Commentary on the book of Revelation

About the Author

For more than 40 years Greg Pearson has served Baptist churches in various roles, Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor and Minister of Music. Greg has taught through the Book of Revelation three times, each time refining his understanding of the book and its messages. 

Greg has been married to Kathy for 41 years and they have two children and five grandchildren


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Throughout history, the Book of Revelation has proven to be difficult and often misinterpreted. Thankfully I have it all figured out! (Just kidding) But seriously, it is not as complicated as some have made it and as most of us think it is. Still, please don’t believe the movies and best-selling books!

I have titled this book, “Revelation by the Book.” You will not find any theological and biblical ‘gymnastics’ that twist and contort scripture to prove pre-conceived conclusions or defend particular end-time frameworks. The Book of Revelation actually makes sense when you read it in the Spirit and let it say what it actually says. It makes sense when you align what it says with what Jesus taught His disciples. It makes sense when you align what it says with other prominent texts of scripture including Isaiah, Daniel, Zechariah, and Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. And usually it just makes sense if we use our good common sense as we read. You will also find that I am very happy to let some things lie in the ‘tar pit’ of mystery. Otherwise, if you jump in to try to ‘rescue’ some of the mysteries of God to bring them out onto the solid ground of certainty, you will never get out.

Above all, do not read the Book of Revelation to learn Bible prophecy. Read it because, as it says in chapters 1 and 22, you will be blessed by reading it. You will learn as you read of course, but you will be blessed by what this book says to the saints. I pray it is a clear to you as it has become to me. That is the reason I decided to publish this book and make it free to all who want it.


This is the end product of many hours of study, teaching, defending positions, and answering questions. May you be blessed by reading this book, but know that the greatest blessing is reading and hearing and keeping (in heart and life) what is written in the Book of Revelation. (Rev 1:3)

Revelation ‘By the Book’ is available for 99 cents on Kindle. Or you can download the free PDF here.

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